Little girl coughing into the crook of her arm

Protect yourself from flu

With flu season in full swing, here’s what you need to know:

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Holiday superfoods

Some traditional holiday foods can be healthy and are considered “superfoods.”

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Recipe substitutions for a healthier holiday

Trying to eat healthier doesn’t have to mean missing out on your holiday favorites.

Suffering the effects of the flu bug

Seven ways to avoid the flu

With flu upon us, staying healthy is key to keeping those holiday plans.

Leftovers: Lose them or love them

Instead of revamping your holiday foods into new meals, consider some alternatives

Diabetes: The silent epidemic

More than 100,000 people in South Carolina have diabetes but don’t even know it

Healthy Halloween

The amount of sugar and fat found most bags of Halloween candy can be downright scary.

Fuel for football

What to eat while tailgating and if you're playing the game

When limes attack!

Learn how this not-so-innocent fruit can ruin your summer.

Be wise as temperatures rise

Stay hydrated to avoid heat exhaustion, heat stroke.