Two athletes take their morning run

Beyond the resolution: Keep your exercise goal past January

For most adults, a new year represents change and the opportunity to start fresh. That new beginning often starts with a resolution that they hope will change their lives.

Despite their best efforts, most fail at keeping those resolutions. But why?

“One of the most common mistakes adults make in attempting to keep with their fitness resolution is they do it alone,” Gary Hazelwood said. “They don’t have the proper knowledge when it comes to training.”

Hazelwood knows a lot about training – he is a leader of the sports performance team at Spartanburg Regional’s Sports Medicine Institute.

The Sports Medicine Institute teaches adult fitness classes, and its coaches work with people of all fitness levels.

The classes allow people to work together as they train, according to sports performance coach Megan Rollins.

“When you work out with others, it makes things competitive and you don’t feel isolated. You have extra motivation and can avoid problems,” Rollins said.

Meeting your New Year’s exercise goals can involve a mix of cardio workouts, core activities and more.

“The way we train is total body,” Rollins said.

In the end, meeting those goals require dedication and hard work. Some find it hard to stick with it after the initial excitement, but exercising in a group comes with its own built-in momentum and encouragement.

“It does not happen overnight,” Rollins said. “It takes months to make a routine a habit. A lot of people struggle, especially women, when doing it alone because they expect immediate results and when they do not get it, they get discouraged and quit; and we don’t want that to happen.”

Adult fitness classes give participants a chance to find a fitness area they enjoy.

“You can try new things, and using the ‘community option’ approach with other people, it makes it even better,” Rollins said.

“The classes allow people to find a fitness area they enjoy and fits their personality,” Rollins said.

Adult classes are offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings beginning at 6 a.m., while evening classes are offered Monday through Thursday beginning at 6:15 p.m. A weekend class is offered every Saturday morning at 8 a.m.

For more information or to sign up, call 864-560-5700.