Young girl booping noses with a puppy

Hearts in love fur-ever

Pet birthday cards, cat toys, dog parks, beloved pet bereavement cards – the list goes on forever of all the ways humans are recognizing the importance of their love for their pets. Can anyone pick up a puppy and not “fall in love”? The amazing thing is that not only do pets help us to love; they also help us to stay healthy and to heal.

Pets do all that without speaking a word and without ever demanding a thing – they just need you, your love and your caring. Nearly 25 years of research tells us that pets can lower blood pressure, ward off depression, boost immunity, keep us moving, and maybe even improve our social life!

Adopting and loving a pet is never a “healthcare” decision, but it’s nice to know that the love you give and receive from a pet has so many wonderful benefits.

Did you know?

  • Heart attack patients who have pets survive longer than those without.
  • Male pet owners have less signs of heart disease— lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels—than non-owners.
  • Some studies have shown that Alzheimer's patients have fewer anxious outbursts if there is an animal in the home.
  • A growing number of studies suggest that kids growing up in a home with "furred animals" will have less risk of allergies and asthma. In fact, if a dog lives in the home, some studies show infants were less likely to show evidence of pet allergies—19% vs. 33%.