Bandaged wrist

Pushed to the limit

Even if you don’t think you are pushing yourself too hard with your new work out, accidents can happen. Shin splints, broken wrist or pulled muscle can stop your workout in its tracks. Whether you are trying to stay in shape or be the quarterback on the football team, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System’s (SRHS) Sports Medicine Institute can help you stay on track with your fitness and athletic goals.

The field of sports medicine is able to diagnose and treat sports injuries of all kinds, from concussions to broken bones. SRHS’s Sports Medicine Institute, partnered with Upward Sports, offers strength, training, rehabilitation and orthopaedic services.

Rehabilitation, whether it’s minor stretches or a more intensive recovery process, will help you heal faster and get you back to achieving your exercise goals. A physical therapist is sometimes necessary to help guide you through the rehabilitation and recovery process.

After recovering from injury, there are ways to prevent a reoccurrence:

Build up your condition slowly: The healing process can take several weeks and it will take time to feel yourself get back to the fitness level you previously held.

Warm up: Start with movements and stretches to prepare your muscles for sports or a workout.

Ease into the workout: Start out slow and build the intensity of the exercise over time. Have patience and ease back in rather than going full force.

For more information about the Spartanburg Regional Sports Medicine Institute and their rehabilitation programs, please call 864-560-BONE (2663).