Woman exercising outdoors

Sticking with It

Create a Routine to Meet Your Weight Loss Goals

You’re planning your trip to the beach, but you don’t feel like you are quite swimsuit ready. Losing weight is No. 1 on your to-do list before booking your resort.

However, if slogging in place on the treadmill or lifting weights isn’t your cup of tea, it can be difficult to get into a workout schedule and stick to it. Read on for some ways to sustain your workout, and don’t be another person who gives up after two weeks of trying:

Start Slowly. Start slowly and don’t be too ambitious. Gradually build on your workout schedule, increasing the difficulty as you’re ready.

Find a Buddy. Building a workout routine is easier when you have a friend joining you. Find a coworker, friend or neighbor who is interested in going on walks with you, participating in a group class or jogging beside you on the treadmill. This person can help hold you accountable and make exercise more fun.

Keep it Simple. Don't make exercising harder than it has to be. Keep the exercise program simple enough to do at home, outdoors, or in a gym and make sure that preparing for your workout routine doesn't require loads of time. Keep exercise clothes handy.

No Excuses. If you are tired and have had a bad day, don’t skip the gym—those are the days you need exercise even more! Skipping a routine will make you feel even worse. Fitting in a walk or 30-minutes of physical activity will make you feel better.

Have a routine. Designating a certain time of day for exercise—whether it be when you wake up, during lunch or after work—will help you stick to your program.

Variety pack. Mix up what you do each day for physical fitness. One day you may lift weights, another day you may try the treadmill or a game of basketball. Try new things to stay interested in working out. Something more engaging, such as basketball, tennis or soccer, could be a more entertaining way to achieve your weight loss goals.

Take a picture. Take a photo of yourself when you first start working out so you can have a visual of your progress and what areas you want to work on.

How Many Calories Have I Burned?

  • A game of basketball: Starts at 500 calories
  • Swimming freestyle laps at a moderate pace: At least 450 calories
  • Roller blading for 15 minutes: 187 calories
  • Competitive soccer for 1 hour: 748 calories
  • Running a seven-mile pace per hour: 700 calories