Portrait of Lizzie Staggs sitting at her desk with flowers in the background

A commitment to giving back: Lizzie Staggs

Lizzie Staggs is a leader in guiding philanthropy at Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System. She has been a donor to the Foundation for 26 years, has served on the Foundation’s board of trustees, and works with two Foundation funds on a daily basis: the chaplain’s fund and the employee emergency needs fund. 

For Staggs, giving back to the Foundation is just one part of her unwavering commitment to the healthcare system, employees, patients and families – a commitment that began when she took her first job with the system as a teenager in 1973.  

Since 1981, she has been with the chaplaincy and pastoral education program. A trusted and well-respected member of the team, Staggs is known for her professionalism, commitment to others, and quiet leadership – qualities that continue in her service with the Foundation.  

The chaplaincy and pastoral education program provides around-the-clock support for patients and their loved ones with a focus on emotional and spiritual well-being.

“I enjoy my job, and I enjoy the opportunity to help people,” Staggs said. “I am proud of our mission and the work we do each day.”  

Each year during the employee campaign, Staggs volunteers as a contact for employees who wish to make a gift. For the past three years, employees have responded in a big way – giving back more than a million dollars each year to support patient needs. 

The funds Staggs works with help hundreds in crisis each year. The chaplain’s fund helps patients with financial hardships pay for medicines and other needed supplies.

"Sometimes it’s only a small amount of money, but it can make an enormous difference,” Staggs said. The chaplain’s fund is one of the most popular funds for employee donations.

Meanwhile, the employee emergency assistance fund supports SRHS team members who are going through difficult times financially due to an illness in the family or some other unforeseen circumstance. A committee of employees oversees the fund, and Staggs serves as the administrator.

It’s a gratifying experience, she said. “Some (employees) send a thank-you note or give back to the fund through the employee campaign when they’re back on their feet.”

Staggs enjoys partnering with the Foundation to help hospital staff and patients in times of need.

“Spartanburg Regional has been good to me, and I’m proud of this place,” she said. “I am happy to be able to give back to help others.”

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