Congratulations, Cathy Thomas & Doug Dills

Celebrating the associates and leaders of the year

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. In health care, it takes a team to care for a patient. From food services to greeters at the front desk to nurses and physicians, every associate at Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System plays a role in the care of our patients and the compassion shown to our guests.

To show our appreciation of the work our associates provide, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System (SRHS) recognizes a Leader of the Year and Associate of the Year as part of the annual National Hospital Week celebration. The announcements were made at a dinner honoring employees on Thursday, May 10, at the Spartanburg Marriott. 

National Hospital Week celebrates hospitals and those who support the health of their communities through dedication and compassionate care.

Leader of the Year: Doug Dills, Director of Facilities & Construction

This year’s Leader of the Year is Doug Dills, director of facilities and construction for Spartanburg Medical Center. Doug takes ownership of improving the environment for Spartanburg Regional’s patients and this was evident through several projects every year. 

His projects have ranged from renovating the NICU, renovating an existing space to move the Spartanburg Medical Center chapel, building the new Pavilion, and overseeing the construction of our four Immediate Care Centers. Doug empowers and encourages everyone around him, while holding each associate accountable. He is also calm, steady and provides great leadership in an emergency.

“Doug is the very best when it comes to long-term decisions and planning,” said David Church, PhD, vice president of oncology and support services. “He wants to ensure decisions made today are solid for future generations.”

Associate of the Year: Cathy Thomas, Pelham Medical Center executive assistant

This year’s Associate of the Year is Cathy Thomas, executive assistant at Pelham Medical Center. Cathy has worked at Pelham Medical Center for nine years and is known for her genuine smile and positive attitude as she handles many responsibilities and tasks.

Her position at Pelham Medical Center can be complex, but her professionalism allows her to manage many duties. She is a consummate multi-tasker and is always available to assist a co-worker, visitor or patient.

“From halting her task at hand to assist a patient, family member or staff member to volunteering to walk for cause, she is always someone you can count on and she voluntarily steps up,” said Charlene Marx, Pelham Medical Center guest services manager. “I see this quality not only in her work but in her off-work interactions with friends. Cathy does what she says she will do.”