Home Health Team with Masks

Foundation funds the purchase of masks for Home Health patients

Many patients who have undergone hospitalization or other medical treatment face challenges as they transition back home and into the community. For these patients, the Spartanburg Regional Home Health program provides a wide range of support, from wound care to physical rehabilitation to social work services.

And with the COVID-19 outbreak continuing to pose a risk for vulnerable community members, it’s important to protect Home Health patients and their families against the virus.

Thanks to donations to the Spartanburg Regional Foundation, Home Health Administrator Dave Anderson was able to purchase 1,500 cloth masks for patients to use during medical visits or outings in the community.

“It has been great to see so many volunteers who have been making masks for our health system’s patients, but as I was looking at our needs, it was important that we be able to secure a large quantity of masks,” Anderson explained, noting that Home Health currently works with about 700 patients, with roughly 100 new patients each week.  

He got in touch with a manufacturing company in Greenwood that supplied the masks for a cost of about $2 each. The Foundation’s Home Health Special Needs Fund covered the cost of the purchase.

Anderson and his team placed each mask in an individual plastic bag. Nurses delivered them to their patients.

The Spartanburg Regional Foundation manages and supports funds that address a wide variety of needs throughout Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System. These funds support staff training, community education, technology upgrades, direct assistance for financially qualifying patients and more.

As Anderson explained, the Home Health Special Needs Fund “helps us to fill gaps for things that may not be covered by insurance or that patients need while they are getting insurance worked out.” The fund helps to cover expenses such as prescription medication and transportation to doctors’ appointments.

“I’ve worked in other health systems that don’t have something like our Foundation,” Anderson said. “It’s a really great resource for our team as we try to help patients integrate back into the community successfully.”

As with many areas of Spartanburg Regional, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges for the Home Health team. Caregivers continue to make home visits, but some in-person interactions between patients and staff have been curtailed. Anderson said nurses and social workers are making effective use of telehealth and remote monitoring systems to meet patient needs.

Meanwhile, staff members are grateful to have masks to provide for their patients. “It’s just great for everyone that we can offer this added protection,” Anderson said.

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