Anne Flynn

Anne Flynn

Foundation welcomes new board members, chair

As Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System grows and takes on new challenges, the Foundation must also evolve and expand its reach.

That’s a firm belief of Anne Flynn, who became chair of the Foundation’s board of trustees at the beginning of 2020.

Flynn is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, and she feels honored to lead a board that brings together community members “with exceptional talents.”

 “Chairing a board is a partnership. It’s important to listen to the expertise of our board members and to keep a focus on serving the community,” Flynn said. “And we will strive to show gratitude to the many donors who make our work possible.”

Flynn grew up in Spartanburg, where she and her husband, Larry, raised their three children. She brings a strong background in local community service, with experience as a board member for organizations including the Charles Lea Foundation, the Noble Trees Foundation and the Spartanburg County Commission on Higher Education.

Her passion for Spartanburg Regional stems in large part from the medical experiences of family members.

“Nobody wants to have to be in the hospital or to have a loved one with a medical crisis, but when the need arises, you hope for the most outstanding care possible,” she said. “And there’s not a better place to be than Spartanburg Regional.”

Twenty-two community members make up the Foundation’s board of trustees. In addition, the Spartanburg Regional Foundation has three advisory boards of volunteers who focus on the areas of cancer care, heart health and hospice. The Foundation welcomed new members to each of its boards in 2020. 

“We have tremendously talented and dedicated public servants on our board of trustees and division boards,” said Foundation Executive Director Kristy Caradori. “Their commitment to the health of our community is truly inspiring. We are both grateful for the service of our returning board members and pleased to welcome a group of terrific new leaders to our Foundation and division boards.”

New members and officers for the Foundation’s 2020 board of trustees and division boards are:

Foundation Board of Trustees


Anne Flynn – Chair

Jon Jensen – Vice-Chair

Vic Bailey, III – Treasurer

Brenda James - Secretary

John Harrill, Jr. MD – Immediate Past Chair

New members

Marjorie Appiah

Rob Flandry, Jr., MD

Lib Fleming

Prema Samhat

Darwin Simpson


Cancer Division


Betty Montgomery – Chair

Chris Cannon – Vice Chair

Liza Miller – Secretary/ Treasurer

Andy Falatok – Immediate Past Chair

New members

Amy Curtis, MD

Chi Lim, MD

Cabe Loring, Ph.D


Heart Division


Sue Rothemich – Chair

Kaye McIntyre – Vice-chair

Eliot Stone – Secretary/Treasurer

Sidney Fulmer, MD – Immediate Past Chair

New members

Chris Crowley

Sarah Galloway

David Ike, MD – Emeritus

Anne Poliakoff


Hospice Division


Bill Cummings – Chair

Peter Moore – Vice-Chair

John Barber – Secretary/Treasurer

Mary Hope Rhodes – Immediate Past Chair

New members

Erin Couchell

James Harber, MD

Susan Harman

Jane Ryan