John Harrill, MD, new board chair

John Harrill, MD, new board chair and his wife.

"A lifelong goal to make the healthcare system stronger"

John Harrill, MD, spent his entire career working as part of the Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System Radiology team. He’s excited about the advances in care that he’s seen over the decades – and proud of the role that Spartanburg Regional Foundation has played in supporting the health system and community wellness.

For Dr. Harrill, serving on the Foundation’s Board of Trustees “is simply an extension of a lifelong goal to make the healthcare system stronger.”

Dr. Harrill will serve as chairman in 2019, and he touted the strength of the board, which includes three new members.

“Our Board of Trustees is an exceptionally outstanding group, and it reflects the kind of community leadership and support that has been, by far, the most important factor in the success of the Foundation – the crucial common thread throughout our history," he said. 

Dr. Harrill said he looks forward to continued success in 2019. He is pleased about the success of the fundraising campaign to support the expansion of Gibbs Cancer Center & Research Institute at Pelham – the largest campaign in the Foundation’s history.

“This year, we’ll celebrate the campaign and pay tribute to our donors, whose generosity is the reason for our success,” he said.

Foundation executive director Kristy Caradori described Dr. Harrill as a thoughtful and energetic leader whose background with Spartanburg Regional provides valuable perspective.

“Dr. Harrill is a beloved member of our community and has been a visionary leader in our health system for many years,” she said. “The Foundation will benefit immensely from his service as the chair of our Board of Trustees.”

In addition to the Board of Trustees, there are three division boards that support clinical care areas including cancer, heart, and hospice.

“We have talented and passionate leaders on each of these boards, and their contributions go a long way toward making our community a healthier place,” Caradori said. “We are grateful for their efforts.”

Caradori made a special point to welcome new trustees and division board members.

“We have a great group of new board members,” she said. “We’re so pleased to have them onboard, and we know that their service will make a difference for community members in need.”




John Harrill, Jr. MD, Chair

William Burton, Immediate Past Chair

Anne Flynn, Vice-Chair

Jon Jensen, Treasurer

Vic Bailey, III, Secretary


New members:

Russell Booker, PhD

Mitch Kennedy

Margaret Young




William Cummings, Chair

Mary Hope Rhodes, Immediate Past Chair

Peter Moore, Vice-Chair

Chris Harakas, Secretary/Treasurer


New members:

Kimberely Brown

David Cato

Jan Goldstein

Libby Lowndes

Phil Phillips




Susan Rothemich, Chair

Sidney Fulmer, MD, Immediate Past Chair

Kaye McIntyre, Vice-Chair

Eliot Stone – Secretary/Treasurer


New members:

Willy Bourne

Zim Cannon

Yogi Hiremath, MD

Ralph Pettingell





Betty Montgomery, Chair

Andy Falatok, Immediate Past Chair

Chris Cannon, Vice-Chair

Liza Miller, Secretary/Treasurer


New members:

Caroline Daly, MD

Brooke Mueller

Jim Smith

Sally Spencer

Tommy Young