Collage of DAISY winners Michelle Flowers, Maurice Hood, Hannah Godfrey, Traci Knight

Four nurses honored out of 1,000

Out of more than 1,000 nominations, four outstanding nurses were honored as the DAISY Nurse of the Year.

From sitting on the floor with a confused person to winning a man’s trust with a piece of cake, these four people personify what it means to be a nurse and went the extra mile:

Pelham Medical Center: Michelle Flowers, RN

Here is a summary of Michelle’s nomination:

A patient was found sitting in the floor of his room one evening in January. It was concerning to the staff as he had a history of altered mental status and was confused.

Michelle Flowers, RN, surveyed the patient’s immediate surroundings, determined he was safe and felt the best course of action was to allow the patient to remain on the floor of his room.  Michelle sat in the floor with the patient and interacted with him in a calm and safe manner. While sitting there, Michelle realized his confusion and agitation could be a result of rising carbon dioxide levels as well as decreased oxygen. Michele shared her thoughts with the physician who then ordered an Arterial Blood Gas (ABG).

The respiratory therapist was surprised to see the patient and his nurse sitting on the floor, but she too sat down on the floor to draw the ABG labs.  A nurse educator was witnessing this event and said it almost brought her to tears while also giving her great joy.

Post-Acute: Maurice Hood, BSN, RN

Here is a summary of Maurice’s nomination:

On June 20, 2017 around the end of the day, I took a call from a gentleman who stated, “All I want to do is brag, ma’am.”

Once the gentleman started talking, it was obvious that our organization was tops in his book. He handed out kudos to Spartanburg Medical Center and hospice, but the real reason for his call was to sing the praises of Mr. Maurice Hood.

Maurice was his father’s hospice nurse. His father had passed away the day before. The affection and appreciation this man had for Maurice was truly genuine. Losing his father was not easy, but the care and support his father and the family received through hospice made it a positive experience. This gentleman used the word “love” when he described his father’s feelings toward Maurice.

Spartanburg Medical Center: Hannah Godfrey, RN

Here is a summary of Hannah nomination:

Hannah is a registered nurse in the Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Unit (STICU) and the following was written by her coworkers: I’ve always heard that there is “someone for everyone,’” but I never knew how true that statement was until we met Hannah’s patient.

Hannah’s patient was with us for a long time and had multiple medical issues. He could be difficult to work with, and the only one who could get through to him was Hannah. One day, there was a baby shower occurring in our unit and Hannah decided to take him a slice of cake with his lunch. Immediately, his eyes lit up. For the first time since he’d come to our unit, he said “Thank you.”

Hannah made it her personal mission to break through to him. Over the course of his stay she gave him a birthday party, decorated his room for Halloween, and kept his bedside table full of treats.

Hannah’s care did not end when her patient left the hospital. She delivered clothes and treats to his nursing home, and generally made sure that he was ok. It was through her compassion, dedication, and perseverance that this patient was able to regain his independence and rejoin the community.

Union Medical Center: Traci Knight, RN

Here is a summary of Traci’s nomination:

A patient wrote about Traci:

I came to Union Medical Center not knowing how sick I was, but it turned out that I was so sick that I almost lost my life. Traci Knight was the nurse who cared for me and comforted my family in a way I will never forget. Traci was very patient, kind, informing on my condition. She helped me through a very difficult time in my life.

Traci saw to all my needs while being efficient, professional, friendly and caring. She is the kind of nurse that any patient should encounter, especially when you are already experiencing illness, fear and discomfort. I have come across many nurses in my 38 years of life, but Traci is a nurse that I will never forget.

How can a nurse be nominated?

If you have received care that you want to brag about, send a letter or ask about DAISY nominations at the nursing unit.

About the DAISY Foundation

The DAISY criteria awards are based on the nurse staffing within each hospital. Spartanburg Medical Center awards monthly, Pelham Medical Center and Post-Acute award quarterly, and Union Medical Center awards yearly.

This is one initiative of The DAISY Foundation in service to the nursing profession.  Additionally, DAISY offers J. Patrick Barnes Grants for Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Projects, The DAISY Faculty Award to honor inspiring faculty members in schools and colleges of nursing, and The DAISY in Training Award for nursing students. More information is available at