Terrell Sovey standing outside

Giving back for the future

When Terrell Sovey was a high school student in Georgia, he was a member of the student newspaper staff. He struggled through a typing class, just so he could lead the newspaper production process.

It was the kind of effort that would come to typify Sovey’s life and career: always preparing himself, always finding an edge, always committing to the success of any organization he serves.

“I’ve always felt that if I was going to do something, I better do it right,” he said.

Sovey’s way of doing things has benefitted the Spartanburg Regional Foundation for almost a quarter of a century. Sovey has served two terms on the Foundation’s board of trustees including serving as chair. He has shared his time and talents on every committee at the Foundation, including multiple terms on the audit, investment and governance committees. He’s known among his peers for his rigorous financial analysis and zeal for high-yield investment strategies.

Recently, Sovey decided to formalize his legacy with the Foundation by making an estate gift. 

“At a point in life you begin to think about what has been important and how you can repay the kindness you have received,” Sovey said. “I want to make a contribution to the lives of others.”

Sovey understands the importance of having access to high-quality health care. He lost his father early in his life to cancer and members of his family have battled life-threatening illnesses.

Several years ago, Sovey and his wife Anne were in a serious car accident and required care at Spartanburg Medical Center. More recently, he received a pacemaker and underwent back surgery – both procedures he reports making him feel “years younger.” He praises the work of doctors and nurses in the healthcare system.

When asked about his commitment to the healthcare system, Sovey takes the long view.  “I’d like Spartanburg to be known as a hub for great health care.”

With an outstanding healthcare system that is growing and bringing talent to the area, it appears that we may be poised to fulfill Sovey’s vision.

Whatever the future may hold, Spartanburg and its healthcare system have benefitted from Sovey’s leadership, generosity, and drive for excellence.

To learn more about becoming a member of Spartanburg Regional Foundation’s Legacy Society, please call John Dargan at 864-560-7403.