Garrow Crowley

Giving back through grants

When Garrow Crowley joined the Foundation’s Board of Trustees in 2011, she was no stranger to service. She had already shared her time and talents on the Foundation’s Cancer Division, and she was a regular volunteer and board member for organizations throughout the community.

Still, the Spartanburg Regional Foundation held a special place in her heart. She learned firsthand the importance of excellent health care when doctors diagnosed her husband Chris with a serious heart condition. It was a wake-up call for them both.

“Each day becomes precious, and you prioritize health, family and faith above other concerns,” Crowley said. “You also realize how important the healthcare system is for the wellness of our entire community.”

Making a difference was a priority for Crowley, and leading the Foundation’s grants and allocations committee was a perfect fit. Crowley joined the grants committee in 2011, became vice chair in 2014, and led the group as chair for the past two years.

In 2016, $695,000 was awarded to 27 projects that impacted health and wellness.

“We always have compelling applications, and 2016 was no different,” said Crowley. “We go beyond what’s on paper. We take the time to talk with the people who have applied and to see the work these groups do.”

Executive Director Kristy Caradori said the grants program is vital.

“Our permanent funds address a wide array of health needs, and the grants program adds a valuable extra layer,” Caradori said. “It is rewarding to fund special projects each year that make our community a healthier place.”

Grant monies in 2016 funded eyeglasses for homeless veterans, resources to prevent infectious disease, and cutting-edge technology and training.

Through grant awards and direct fund support, the Foundation has given back more than $52 million to health and wellness over the past 25 years.

“I am proud to be part of this tremendous investment in our community,” Crowley said.

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