Dr. David Ike and Chris Crowley

Heart disease leads Crowley to serve others

Twenty years ago, Chris Crowley was given a 50 percent chance of surviving the next five years.

At 42, Crowley was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Now, having switched to a healthy lifestyle, Crowley has been able to see his children grow up.

His journey gave him a personal connection to the Spartanburg Regional Foundation’s Heart Division and the mission of the Heart Center. He went on to become chairman of the Foundation Heart Division, and now, his passion for cardiac education and access to care leads his decisions in his role as past chairman.

Crowley knows only too well that not all heart disease is determined by what you eat or how often you exercise. He wants to make sure others know that heart disease can affect anyone, but that, with the right tools, healthy choices and education, they can beat the statistics just like he did.

The Spartanburg Regional Foundation Heart Division, with Crowley’s leadership, is making huge strides in helping the cardiac patients that need it most. The David Ike Patient Assistance & Education Fund, began with a generous gift from Chris and his wife Garrow in honor of Spartanburg cardiologist David G. Ike, MD.

In 2016, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System associates pledged nearly $30,000 to this fund, which supports patients who cannot afford access to the Heart Wellness Program or Heart Failure Clinic. These patients require medically monitored fitness routines and/or assistance with medication, nutrition education, or transportation to and from appointments. The David Ike Patient Assistance & Education Fund provides patients with these lifesaving services and access to the care they need most.