Brian Fowler

Honor a physician with a Doctors’ Day gift

Celebrated each year on March 30, National Doctors’ Day is a time to recognize the essential role physicians play in lives of individual patients and families as well as their contributions to the overall health of our society.

Spartanburg Regional Foundation invites community members to show appreciation for a beloved physician by making a donation in his or her honor. The Foundation will send an acknowledgment card to each doctor honored with a gift.

Donations to the Foundation support a wide range of investments in community health including assistance programs for low-income patients, screening and disease prevention, technology enhancements, specialized training for caregivers, and more.

“I consider it a great honor for someone to make a donation in my name,” said Brian Fowler, MD. “It is not about me; however, the donation goes to the greater good to advance the health care of patients in our community and to fund the great projects and initiatives that would not be possible without the continued support of donors to the Foundation.”

Doctors’ Day is special for Bill James, MD, who has been honored with Doctors’ Day gifts and has donated in recognition of others.

“Every time I am recognized or I personally honor a colleague with a Doctors’ Day gift, I feel such pride in our calling,” he said. “The opportunity to give or to honor others through a gift to Spartanburg Regional Foundation fits perfectly into the mission and vision of our careers.”

Doctors’ Day was created in 1933 by Eudora Brown Almond, who wanted to honor her husband, a prominent physician in Georgia, and his colleagues. Interest grew over the years, and it became an official day of recognition in 1991 when President George H.W. Bush signed a resolution into law that proclaimed the observance of an annual day to honor our country’s physicians.

President Bush’s proclamation stated: “More than the application of science and technology, medicine is a special calling, and those who have chosen this vocation in order to serve their fellow man understand the tremendous responsibility it entails.”

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