Bailey Siblings

Leslie Bailey Callicut, Neely Bailey Darr, and Vic Bailey, IV were recognized as Young Philanthropists of the Year

Local siblings recognized for commitment to philanthropy

Three Spartanburg siblings are enjoying the rare opportunity to work together to build on the success of their family’s company. They are also building on their family’s tradition of giving back to the Spartanburg community – a commitment that has earned them the distinction of Young Philanthropists of the Year by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Piedmont Chapter.

Spartanburg Regional Foundation nominated siblings Leslie Bailey Callicut, Neely Bailey Darr, and Vic Bailey, IV for the honor. Among other philanthropic efforts in the past year, the siblings donated several hundred blankets for patients at the Gibbs Cancer Center & Research Institute infusion center. The blankets provide comfort for patients as they undergo chemotherapy or other infusion treatments. The donation was made as part of the Subaru Loves to Care program.

Vic Bailey Subaru is a division of Vic Bailey Automotive, where the siblings work together. The company was founded by their grandfather, Vic Bailey, Jr., in 1969. Their father, Vic Bailey, III, also works for the company.

The siblings said they feel blessed to have the opportunity to be part of the family business.

“It is very easy to be passionate about your work when you are a part of a third generation family business," Neely said. "As siblings we motivate each other, depend on each other, and come to work every day with the goal of continuing the family tradition.”

Giving back to the community is a family tradition they are seeking to grow, as well.

“From a young age I remember watching (our parents’) involvement with different charities and boards,” Neely said. “We were brought up to believe that giving back and supporting the community is a way of life.”

The Bailey siblings have contributed to numerous local non-profit organizations, and their generosity can be seen in areas as diverse as education, animal welfare and the arts. No area is more deserving of community support than healthcare. 

“They instilled within us the belief that as citizens of Spartanburg, it is our responsibility to support efforts that seek to improve the quality of life for all of Spartanburg’s residents," said Vic, IV. “Studies everywhere show the inextricable connection between good health care and a thriving community." 

Vic, IV recently participated in the Regional Fellows program, which brings community leaders together to learn about the inner workings of Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System. They are familiarized with health-related challenges facing the Upstate as well as innovative responses and medical advances that make SRHS a health system nationally recognized for excellence.

“My participation in that program enlightened me to the idea that progress on health care issues affects everything from education to the economy,” Vic, IV said.

He’s not the only family member who has become personally involved with programs in the healthcare system. The siblings’ father, Vic, III is a Spartanburg Regional Foundation trustee and donor.

Gina De La Cruz Turcotte, director of philanthropy for the Spartanburg Regional Foundation, submitted the letter to nominate the Bailey siblings for the AFP honor. She had met Leslie and Vic, IV several months ago when they visited Gibbs Cancer Center & Research Institute for the donation of blankets.

“They seemed really happy and humble,” Turcotte said. “And I was impressed that they have maintained a multigenerational family tradition of giving back and supporting the community.”

The siblings each said they were honored by receiving the award, though they shied away from individual attention.

“It is special to be recognized along with my brother and sister because I am so proud of everything they have accomplished so far,” said Leslie. “The three of us being recognized is a true testimony to how we were raised.”

“Spartanburg is just bursting with individuals and organizations that are tirelessly working to make this county an even better place to live," Vic said. "All of those folks deserve recognition. This award is a reflection of all of the great role models from whom we’ve had the opportunity to learn.”

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