Nurse Sharlene Parmley helping a patient

“We work wonderfully as a team”

Teamwork, community and family.

These are a few words that associates of Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System use to describe their coworkers.

“There's a sense of community here, and a sense of family that I think you're not going to find at every hospital,” said Sharlene Parmley, RN, who has worked for Spartanburg Regional for 13 years.  

The close-knit environment is just one reason that Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System was named an Advisory Board 2018 Workplace of the Year. Spartanburg Regional is the only hospital in South Carolina to be recognized with this award.

For Hannah Disney, RN, BSN, working at Spartanburg Regional has helped her grow as both a nurse and a person.  

“My coworkers are full of knowledge and compassion, and their guidance and mentorship has benefited me not only as a nurse but as a whole person,” Disney said. “I feel so blessed and thankful for my coworkers. They start each day on a positive note and I like knowing I can turn to anyone for questions or help completing a task. We work wonderful as a team together.”

Spartanburg Regional was one out of 100 systems selected for the recognition of 2018 Best Workplace of the Year and was among the top 20 with the highest scores for employee engagement.

“I love the freedom and creative opportunities that exist at SRHS,” said Ben Nabke, injury prevention physical therapist. “I love working with a team of colleagues who I can collaborate with to improve the quality of my work. I love working with a population that is motivated to come to work every day and has a good work ethic.”

Associates at Spartanburg Regional are both engaged at work and in the community. Outside of the walls of healthcare, many associates give their time to the community by promoting health education at schools, churches, civic organizations, senior centers and health fairs throughout the area. Associates also teach CPR and Stop the Bleed techniques in schools and at health events.

Engaged employees, as defined by Advisory Board, are those who exhibit both loyalty and commitment to the organization. These employees are willing to expend discretionary effort, often going above and beyond to help the organization succeed. The award recognizes Spartanburg Regional’s commitment to creating a best-in-class work environment for its employees.