Doctor stands near decorative foliage.

An early start

Dr. Jordan Adams knows quite a bit about working in health care. The Kentucky native got his start in medicine in high school, as a courtesy aide at a nursing home.

"I was interested in medicine, and my mom was an RN there,” Dr. Adams said.

He pushed residents in wheelchairs back and forth to the cafeteria, got them ice water. As staff grew to trust him, he was assigned to check on patients with a history of wandering. Then he started working in medical records and maintenance.

Today, Dr. Adams sees patients at Immediate Care Center – Pelham.

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Hard work

Dr. Adams, a family medicine doctor, learned from a young age to work hard. His mother is a nurse, and his father worked in a lumberyard.

"He always taught me to work with my brain, not my back," Dr. Adams said.

That work ethic translates to his passion for family medicine. He likes building relationships and working one-on-one with patients.

"When someone needs help, you're their person,” Dr. Adams said. “You guide them if they need a specialist. They trust you."

He believes in creating a patient-doctor relationship built on the idea of teamwork.

"When they see me, I will listen to where they're coming from and give them the best treatment plan possible,” Dr. Adams said.

Love of life

When he’s not serving patients, Dr. Adams is enjoying life with his wife; they just celebrated a year of marriage.

The pair loves food and traveling, and he drives back to see his family in Kentucky once or twice a month.

The self-professed “video game nerd” balances screen time with an active lifestyle – his hobbies include hiking, kayaking and zip lining.

For Dr. Adams, that balance is essential for everyone – especially as a part of the patient-doctor relationship.

Patients and doctors have to both be flexible, but Dr. Adams said at the end of the day, everyone needs to work together to live healthier.

"Medicine isn't black and white," Dr. Adams said. "There's a lot of gray area, and you have to make your way through that as best you can."

View wait times and check in online at Immediate Care Center – Pelham.