Dr. Khomani speaks on the ways to treat cancer

Cancer treatments require many perspectives

Consultation on diagnoses matter to patients.

What causes cancer? Researchers are hard at work to find this answer, but there isn’t one explanation.

“Yes, we have many theories for it,” Abderrahim Khomani, MD, said. “In some instances, smoking, unfortunately, is the major cause of cancer of some regions of the body.”

Khomani specializes in hematology oncology, the treatment of diseases and cancers of the blood, at Gibbs Cancer Center & Research Institute.

Technology has made it easier to detect cancer, Khomani said, and there are “many good treatments.”

“The treatments usually include a multidisciplinary team, which include usually a surgeon, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist,” Khomani said. “From my perspective as a medical oncologist, my treatments usually focus on what's the systemic treatment that we can offer patients.”