Feet standing on a scale

Do you really have a slow metabolism?

Many people blame a “slow metabolism” for their inability to lose weight.

However, most of us don’t actually know how fast, or slow, our metabolism is. Does our metabolism rate really make a difference when it comes to weight loss? If so, how do we find out and use the information to make a difference?

Knowing your resting metabolic rate is an important factor in losing weight and keeping it off, and a simple test is all it takes to find out. Once you know, you can safely make lifestyle and diet changes to support your desired weight-loss goal.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

Resting metabolic rate is a measurement of how many calories are required to maintain basic body functions such as heartbeat, breathing and stable body heat while you are in a state of complete rest.

No two people are exactly alike, so every person’s resting metabolic rate is as individual as they are.

The Nutrition Therapy program at Pelham Medical Center uses a small device called a calorimeter to which reads accurate, fast and easy measurements. The simple test involves breathing into a device, which measures oxygen consumption, to determine each person’s unique metabolic rate.

Not Just for Weight Loss

Metabolic testing is not just for those who want to lose weight. Many people can benefit from this knowledge, including:

  • People who are trying to gain weight
  • People who have lost weight and wish to maintain
  • Patients with non-healing wounds
  • Malnourished patients
  • Pediatric populations
  • Athletes

Knowledge Is Power

Nutrition plays an important role in every aspect of our daily lives. Food is the fuel our bodies need to live and thrive, but many people either eat too much, try to starve themselves, or partake in unhealthy diets that can have negative effects on their health.

Knowing our own metabolic rate can teach us to work with our body, not against it.

We utilize metabolic testing, in conjunction with personalized nutrition plans, to provide unique solutions for a variety of needs.

We want to provide the highest quality of care for patients when they come to see us for outpatient nutrition counseling. This new method for calculating caloric needs helps us achieve this goal.

Learn more about metabolic testing, or any of the nutrition therapy services at Pelham Medical Center.