This reenactment portrays a tourniquet being applied to a wounded arm.

In this picture taken from the reenactment video, actors portray a tourniquet being applied to a wounded arm.

Learn how to “Stop the Bleed”

The headlines scream all-too-often with reports of the latest mass casualty event – a shooting at a school or workplace, a natural disaster or a massive roadway incident.

For those victims of these horrible events, every minute counts.

“In the trauma world, 40 percent of our patients die from exsanguination (blood loss),” said T.J. Mack, trauma injury prevention and outreach coordinator with Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System.

To reduce this number, Spartanburg Regional and state partners  implemented a program called “Stop the Bleed.” The healthcare system distributed kits to schools and other organizations in the Upstate that can be used to treat a traumatic wound on-site.

Learn more about these innovative kits and the impact they’re having as part of this Discover Health video segment, which originally aired on FOX Carolina.

Editor’s note: The video below contains imagery that is graphic in nature.