Two doctors

Benjamine Stillman, MD, and Jenna Reel, PharmD, BCPS, CDE

Putting patients first

It takes a lot to become a doctor.

First, you need a bachelor’s degree. Then comes four years earning a medical degree. After that is residency … where doctors focus on a specialty.  

For almost 50 years, Spartanburg Regional’s family medicine residency program has been training doctors. It’s the longest running program in the Southeast.  

Spartanburg Regional’s residents see patients and are responsible for completing quality improvement projects. This research helps them identify the best ways to serve their patients, whether in a primary care setting or in a hospital.

One project earned top honors at the annual Resident Scholarship Symposium, hosted by S.C. Academy of Family Physicians in Myrtle Beach.

Kliph Love, MD, and Benjamin Stillman, MD, researched ways to optimize hospital care and reduce readmission rates for patients with acute exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, or COPD.

Their research earned them first place. Dr. Love has since graduated, while Dr. Stillman has entered his final year in the family medicine residency program.

“My research has allowed me to develop a clear method to put my patients first,” Dr. Stillman said. “We were able to provide a process to keep our patients healthier and out of the hospital without any additional costs to them.”

These types of honors mean a great deal for Spartanburg Regional patients, according to Jenna Reel, PharmD, BCPS, CDE. Dr. Reel coordinates patient care improvement projects for the family medicine residency program.

“Excellence in research translates into excellence in patient care,” Dr. Reel said.

Dr. Reel’s own commitment to research and family medicine residents was honored at the symposium. She earned the Sharm Steadman Excellence in Family Medicine Education Award.

Octavia Amaechi, MD, contributed to this report.

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