Woman lies on stretcher, her neck held immobile by a brace, a breathing mask on her face.

Saving lives

Carole Addison doesn’t remember seeing the dump truck that totaled her car and changed her life forever.

“I don’t remember talking to the first responders. I don’t remember getting in the helicopter,” Addison said. “But the next thing I remember is going down to the O.R. for my seventh surgery, and that was, I think, 10 days later.”

What happened in those first hours? She was treated by the trauma team at Spartanburg Medical Center’s Level I Trauma Center.

“The thing we get first is a page,” said Brian Thurston, MD, director of trauma services at Spartanburg Medical Center. “So the first thing we knew is that it was a roughly 60-year-old woman who had been hit by a dump truck.”

Addison, Thurston and others remember those life-saving moments in this segment of Discover Health.