Surgeon looks pensive in emergency operating room.

Trauma, toy safety, back pain and more

What does a day in the life look like for the doctors and nurses of a Level I Trauma Center? How do you pick the safest toys for your children? When is that aching back a sign of worse problems? 

Learn all this and more in an upcoming episode of Discover Health, Spartanburg Regional's health show, airing Saturday, May 19, at 7 p.m. on FOX Carolina (check your local listings). 

But you don't have to wait ... catch these sneak previews now! 

Back pain

Your back hurts more and more. Why, and what can you do?


One concussion is bad. Two are much worse.

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There are a lot of health apps out there. The best ones are FREE!

Skin cancer

Are you at high risk for skin cancer? Robert McDonald, MD, shares the signs. 

Toy safety

Are your child's toys safe? Jack Cleland, MD, shares how to pick the best toys for your little one.


Saving lives: A day in the life of a trauma team at Spartanburg Medical Center. 

Weight loss

Down 100 pounds; now it's time for gastric bypass. Watch one man's fight for life.