Cindy Bryant, RN

Cindy Bryant, RN receives DAISY Award

Nurses at Spartanburg Medical Center are being honored with The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. This award is part of the DAISY Foundation’s program to recognize the super-human efforts nurses perform every day. This recognition is awarded monthly, and nurses can be nominated by patients, families and colleagues.

Spartanburg Medical Center’s June DAISY award recipient is Cindy Bryant, RN.  

Cindy is a registered nurse on 5 Heart at Spartanburg Medical Center. Her co-workers wrote the following in her nomination:

A few weeks ago, 5 Heart provided care for a patient being treated for a stroke. One nurse not only cared for the patient, but their family as well. The relationship I watched her build with the family was amazing.

The family bonded with Cindy as she educated them and worked to uplift their spirits.

The family needed a ray of happiness during this time and I saw this nurse give this to them. The patient’s condition deteriorated and he was eventually transferred to a cardiac care unit. Cindy would visit the patient and family while she was working. The family would also visit her and the 5 Heart staff. The patient’s condition improved and was transferred back to 5 Heart.

While caring for this patient, the nurse learned that one of his children was awaiting the birth of a son. The patient’s son mentioned to Cindy that he would love for his dad to see the newborn baby who was born the day before. Cindy worked behind the scenes to accomplish this task, working with nurse managers and the mother and baby unit so this grandparent could see the new baby.

The sight of the baby brought tears of joy. This moment meant so much to the family, and with the help of 5 Tower, this nurse lovingly created a special moment to meet the emotional needs of everyone involved.

I feel Cindy Bryant truly embodies the meaning of the DAISY award through her kind acts and holistic approach to nursing care.

We are so fortunate for Cindy’s nursing care and the relationships that she formed with the patient and his family. Congratulations to Cindy Bryant, our June DAISY award winning nurse!

Cindy received a certificate of recognition, hand carved Healer’s Touch sculpture, a pin and her unit received a Cinnabon breakfast. 

About the DAISY Foundation

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